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Canoe Trip in Sweden
Canoe Vacation in Sweden
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Camping Equipment

Quechua 3 seconds tent

2 person pop up tent that can be erected and dismantled in a few seconds.
Dimensions width: 125 cm, length: 210 cm, weight: 2.7 kg

Quechua iso sleeping mat

This iso sleeping mat has a foil bottom for better protection for advancing cold of the substrate.
Dimensions width: 50 cm length: 180cm Thickness: 7 mm.

Cooking Set

A 7-piece cooking set consisting of an alcohol burner, 2-piece windshield, handle, frying pan, 2 saucepans and a scourer. Per 2 persons you will receive a kit, the fuel we charge after the canoe tour with you.

Dining set

Each person receives a dining set consisting of a mug, cutting board, knife, fork, spoon, 2 food bowls and herbs keg.

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