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Canoe Trip in Sweden
Canoe Vacation in Sweden
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The right of public access is a unique opportunity

The Right of public access gives everyone the unique right to be free to enjoy the nature in Sweden .
It uses the Alleman right when walking in the woods, canoeing, climbing or just sitting on a stone thinking.
Most things are for us perfectly logical.
So that everyone can enjoy, we must take care of the nature, the animal world + take in account the landowners and all that is in nature.
Briefly, it boils down to this: Do not disturb or destroy anything!


You are welcome to enjoy your canoe trip. A few days in the countryside  wild camping is great fun!
Put your tent in a convenient location; not too
close to a house and somewhere there is no agricultural activity is. If your within sight, or inside 300m of a dwelling you must ask permission to camp.

Take your litter!

We all want a clean environment without
waste. Therefore, always take your litter. Glass,
cans, plastic bags and bottle caps can
be harmful to humans and animals.

Make fire!

A campfire belongs in the great outdoors. Furthermore,
it is permitted to make a campfire
in nature.
In order to prevent from spreading, please note the following points:

Do not light a fire in very dry conditions

Find a place that has no risk of the fire spreading

Never build a fire on a rock; it may fragment and cause injuries that could cause permanent scarving

Always fully extinguish your fire

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